Did you pick up your badges yet for Gen Con 2022? If you have, you’re one step ahead of the game for the next big date of February 13th when Housing Registration begins! A large number of attendees will be traveling from out of town to Indianapolis, IN to attend Gen Con 2022 from August 4-7 at the Indiana Convention Center. Those who purchase a Gen Con badge is eligible to register for housing through one of the many hotels within the Indianapolis downtown area or down by the Indianapolis airport. So what do you need to know?

First and most important, if you want to register for housing you must have your badge purchased by Friday, February 11th at 12 AM ET. If you do not purchase your badge by this time, you will not receive a link to register on opening day.

Second, on Saturday, February 12th, emails will be sent to those who made the cut off providing them their access time for the Housing Portal. Registration begins at 12 PM ET on Sunday, February 13th. Those times are randomized and spread apart to ensure the thousands of people booking do not hit the system at once and crash it. I’ve literally seen this happen in prior years before the lottery system was initiated.

Last, when your time arrives on Sunday, February 13th you will login at, click on your account on the upper right of the website (next to the shopping cart), and select the My Housing link. That will open a separate page to the Housing Portal where you can search for available hotels and make your reservation. Gen Con has put together a wonderful step-by-step guide on making your way through Housing Registration. Definitely review that prior to Sunday, February 13th.

Check out the Housing Guide and Hotel List on Gen Con‘s website for more information on housing.

For questions about the booking system or issues about making your reservation once you’ve accessed the booking system, contact Q-Rooms at (317) 688-1323 or