Gen Con Indy 2022 attendees, this is your last chance to update your Event Wish List as the processing of Gen Con Indy events starts on Sunday, May 15th at 12 PM EST! If you haven’t set up your Event Wish List yet, follow the instructions on the Gen Con website HERE. Please remember you need to be signed into your account to add to your Wish List!

There are over 12,000+ events at Gen Con this year to play in from RPGs, to card games, board games, LARPs, and so much more! The ever-so-popular True Dungeon events are back and you can find more info about them at And don’t forget to check out the Isle of Misfit Events category where you can find things like the unboxing of Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman‘s new Dragonlance novel, Laser Tag, Escape Rooms, a brewery bus tour, and a few Megagame board game versions. For something truly special, check out the events Descent Into The Catacombs and Evening of Gaming at Clayshire Castle! Seriously unique experiences!

Once all your events are added to your Wish List, you will be able to click the button to submit those for processing on May 15th at 12 PM EST and then hope and pray you get everything you wanted! Fear not! If you don’t, go back through the catalog, find more stuff to add, and keep submitting until your happy with your event list.

Gen Con did say more games will still be added over the next coming weeks so even if you don’t find everything you wanted on Sunday, you can check the catalog and keep making adjustments to add more later! Good luck on your Wish List!