Introducing the Pathfinder One-Shot: Sundered Waves


Paizo Inc. introduces to their fans the first appearance of a brand new type of digital product, the One-Shot! The One-Shot is a single session adventure that should run players through in about 3 to 4 hours of time. Each One-Shot will come with pre-generated characters that will include illustrated and fully developed character backgrounds related to the One-Shot. This new digital product will join the current line of Paizo products that includes:

Adventures (Pathfinder | Starfinder): Focused adventures covering several levels and sessions of play.

Adventure Paths (Pathfinder | Starfinder): Multiple volumes of adventure and background content comprising a linked campaign of epic scale.

Bounties: 1-hour-long Pathfinder side treks perfect to add to any campaign (and which work great as a quick demo!).

Scenarios (Pathfinder Society | Starfinder Society): An episodic story shared with thousands of other gamers through Paizo Organized Play.

One-Shots will be digital only and will be sanctioned by Organized Play. Two additional One-Shots, one for Pathfinder and one for Starfinder will be released at PaizoCon 2021.

The first One-Shot is Sundered Waves. Written by Paizo’s Director of Game Design, Jason Bulmahn, Sundered Waves features a jaunt through a pirate’s puzzle-filled dungeon. You can purchase your copy HERE.

You can also download the pre-generated characters for Sundered Waves HERE and the Sundered Waves wallpaper HERE.