KAPOW! Coming to Kickstarter!

KAPOW! Coming to Kickstarter!

💥 Get your capes ready, KAPOW! is coming to Kickstarter on Nov 10th! 💥

KAPOW! is a fast and furious 2 player game with buildable dice. Each player can acquire additional dice and add and remove dice faces during the rounds of battle. This makes for a super-strategic dice-battling experience. With each roll, you decide how to attack, defend, and power up your character by choosing where to place your dice.

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The battles get more explosive with each roll and as you gain more dice and dice faces. KAPOW! is simple to learn (roll and place), and has layers of strategy as you customize your dice pool and leverage the unique powers of the KAPOW! heroes and villains.

White Wizard Games is offering someone the chance to win their own copy of KAPOW! You can find details on their website HERE.

If you want to see a peek at how KAPOW! plays, check out the YouTube video below from The Dice Tower they livestreamed as part of Spiel Digital 2020.