Are you a Pathfinder fan? Do you love Pathfinder monsters? Well, you’re in luck! Today, Paizo announced they are partnering with Humble Bundle for the Humble RPG Book Bundle: Pathfinder Monster Lore.

If you’re new to Humble Bundle, they are an organization that partners with companies to sell games, ebooks, software, and other digital content. Some of these are put together in bundles. The companies they partner with provide flexible pricing on some items so if you pay $X you receive X items. The best part is your purchase a portion of that is given to a charity of the company’s choice.

Pazio‘s bundle is donating proceeds to ComicBooks For Kids. They are a non-profit organization to ensure that every child in a hospital or cancer center has access to comic books. You can see more information about them HERE.

So what is exactly in the Humble RPG Book Bundle: Pathfinder Monster Lore? First, these are all PDF books, no print books in this bundle. Second, these are all Pathfinder First Edition books. So here’s the breakdown:

Pay $5

If you pay a minimum of $5 you will receive the PDFs for:

Classic Horrors Revisited

Undead Revisited

Demons Revisited

Undead Unleashed

Hell Unleashed

Demon Hunter’s Handbook

Undead Slayer’s Handbook


Pay $10

If you pay a minimum of $10 you will receive all of the books under the $5 list and also receive:

Classic Monsters Revisited

Dragons Revisited

Dungeons Denizens Revisited

Mythical Monsters Revisited

Giants Revisited

Dragons Unleashed

Legacy of Dragons

Dragonslayer’s Handbook

Monster Hunter’s Handbook

Giant Hunter’s Handbook


Pay $18

If you pay a minimum of $18 you will receive all of the books under the $5 and $10 list and also receive:

Book of the Damned

Monster Summoner’s Handbook

Heaven Unleashed

Inner Sea Bestiary

Inner Sea Monster Codex

Mystery Monsters Revisited

Fey Revisited

Darklands Revisited

Misfit Monsters Redeemed

Occult Bestiary

Animal Archive

Familiar Folio

Cohorts and Companions


That’s a total of 30 books with a value of about $378 for just $18 minimum! If you can pay more than the $18, please do to help support the charity of ComicBooks For Kids. The bundle we remain available for the next 25 days, which will expire on January 3, 2021. You can purchase your bundle HERE!